STEM Teacher Learning

Professional Development (CEUs) for Science and Technology Education Teachers

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STEM TEACHER LEARNING provides professional development for Technology Education teachers. It began as is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded 4-year full research and development project. STEM Teacher Learning uses cyberinfrastructure and the world wide web to significantly enhance the delivery and quality of professional development (PD) for grades 6-12 engineering, technology, and design educators.

STEM TEACHER LEARNING will help teachers’:

  • understanding of engineering design concepts and ability to effectively teach them
  • understanding of how to address student learning needs
  • ability to manage, monitor, and adjust the learning environment
  • use of self assessment to enhance teaching ability and
  • engagement in a community of practice

The content for the professional development is grounded in the vision and mission of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. One desired result is to enhance the National Board "pipeline" for technology, engineering, and design educators as a byproduct of the augmentation of the art and practice of teaching. By incorporating an object-oriented generic system design (learning objects), the cyberinfrastructure is effective and convenient. These learning objects allow for customization of the learning experience, whereby learning facilitators or learners themselves can configure the system based on their specific needs. Delivering learning objects in an online framework enables teachers to develop and grow in a network community.

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