STEM Teacher Learning

Professional Development (CEUs) for Science and Technology Education Teachers

Content FAQs

What does technology, engineering, and design have to do with inquiry…I thought that was only science?
Inquiry goes beyond merely asking questions. In this case, it is a process whereby teachers construct an individual understanding of their current abilities to:
  • manage, monitor, and adjust the learning environment in their classrooms
  • understand engineering design concepts and effectively teach them
  • address student learning needs
  • use self-assessment to enhance teaching ability and
  • engage in a community of practice
Where did the content of the four Units and 17 Learning Objects originate?
The T2I2 professional development curriculum learning objects and four units are based on National Board Professional Teaching Standards expectations. The research-informed materials were created by a team of Nationally Board Certified teachers, teacher educators, and K-12 educators who all specialize in Technology, Engineering, and Design.
Do I have to read all of the Learning Objects in order?
You can read them in any order you choose.
Should I read all of the LOs first before I can begin working on a Unit’s Written Commentary or Video Capture?
That is not a requirement, however you must read all of the LOs in a Unit before you can submit a Written Commentary or Video Capture for that Unit.
How will my submissions in each Unit be scored?
A National Board Certified teacher in the area of Career and Technical Education will score your Written Commentaries and Video Captures in alignment with the National Board scoring rubric.
Do my scores on each quiz in a LO get factored into my assessment on the Unit?
The assessment quiz for each LO is for your use only and can be taken as many times as necessary. The score will not be factored into your Unit assessment.
Is there a specific timeframe that I must follow to complete the T2I2 curriculum?
The T2I2 curriculum is purposefully flexible to work with your needs throughout the school year. You may begin using the materials once you have login access to the site or wait until your schedule allows you to work on it. You can move as quickly or slowly through the content as you wish. However, we do ask that you have your submissions in by April.