STEM Teacher Learning

Professional Development (CEUs) for Science and Technology Education Teachers

Participation FAQs

Can anyone apply to be a pilot teacher?
Currently, in-service technology education teachers in Illinois, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia are eligible.
What constitutes an in-service technology education teacher?
A full-time middle school or high school teacher whose main teaching assignment is in the subject area of technology education.
What is the pilot selection process?
Application information about the T2I2 program is sent to the five states’ technology education representatives and distributed to teachers via a listserv. Interested teachers apply online through the T2I2 website, and are placed into a pool if they are not already National Board Certified, teach technology education in one of the five affiliated states, and teach middle school or high school. Teachers are then chosen at random – 8 from middle school and 8 from high school.
Can I participate in the pilot for multiple years?
Unfortunately, you can only participate in the pilot for one year.
Can I maintain read-only access for the future?
After you have completed your pilot year, you will be granted read-only access so that you can use the T2I2 content to support your teaching and any future National Board submissions.